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Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions


I. Pre-Qualification

1.1 PearlRoads Studios requires pre-qualification consisting of an application and insurance to cover the full replacement cost of the rental.

II. Rental days

2.1 Normally equipment can be picked up the day before the rental at 3:00pm if the equipment is available. Equipment is due back the day after the rental day by 10:00am. For example, equipment picked up on Friday at 3:00pm and brought back on Monday by 10am is considered a weekend rental.

2.2 A weekly rate consists of the first three days in a week as paid rental days; the next four are free. Weekly rates apply only when made in advance and extensions or hold-overs are considered new rental periods.

2.3 Long term rates are available.

III. Equipment taken outside of the USA

3.1 PearlRoads Studios does not allow equipment to be taken outside of the USA. However, If equipment is going to be taken outside the USA, a Carnet is required. A copy of the Carnet must be given to us before the equipment leaves PearlRoads Studios. There are several companies available such as http://www.carnetsonline.com/offices.html but they require a substantial deposit up front.

IV. Equipment prep

4.1 PearlRoads Studios encourages an equipment prep. You are more than welcome to schedule an appointment to fully examine and test all equipment before pickup. If you choose not to prep, picking up the equipment is an acceptance by you that the equipment is in good working order.

V. Rental Costs

5.1 Costs are in addition to any Rental Fees. Costs include an insurance deductible deposit (“IDD”), shipping, cleaning and damage.

VI. Rental Fee

6.1 Our Rental fees are in addition to any costs.

VII. Damage

7.1 It is very important to contact PearlRoads Studios immediately if something is damaged or not working correctly. We will correct the problem in a timely fashion. We reserve the right to correct the problem, which means you must give us a call before contacting someone else to fix it.

VIII. Insurance

8.1 An insurance certificate listing PearlRoads Studios as the loss payee and additionally insured for the full value of the equipment you are renting is required. Please have your agent forward the binder to Perla@pearlroadsstuidios.com.

8.2  If you do not have an existing equipment policy you can contact our insurer, Athos Insurance Services, LLC of Pasadena, California to obtain rental insurance through:

Katherine M. Wong, CPCU, CLCS
Athos Insurance Services, LLC
P.O. Box 61102
Pasadena, CA 91116
Phone: 626-716-9800
Mobile (text): 626-379-6280
Fax: 626-701-5047
Email: Kat@athosinsurance.com
Lic: 0H94681.

IX. Deductible

9.1 Renters are also required to make an insurance deductible (deposit) for the amount of the insurance deductible listed on the Renter’s insurance certificate. Otherwise renters are required to make a deposit equal to the equipment’s replacement value.

9.2 All security deposits will be returned by mail after all equipment has been returned, fully checked in, found in clean good working order, and in the same condition as when taken. Any lost or damaged equipment will be charged accordingly.

9.3 The renter is completely responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment rented. Note: Renter’s insurance must cover the equipment from the moment the equipment leaves PearlRoads Studios until the equipment is received back by PearlRoads Studios including any transportation or delivery.

9.4 Alternatively, a renter can rent equipment with a security deposit equal to the replacement cost of the equipment with a credit card deposit or certified check. Note that the deposit must be available funds on charge cards, debit cards, bank wire or certified check.

X. Return condition & Inspection

10.1 Rental process would include all of the above plus the signing of a release after a complete inspection and check with the renter present. Please budget your time accordingly as this process can take up to an hour. This process will be repeated when the renter returns the package to determine if any damage was incurred.

10.2 In order to keep our equipment new and in good working order, we thoroughly inspect all equipment upon return. This policy ensures good working equipment on your shoot as well as future shoots. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was picked up. If returned equipment needs professional cleaning, there will be a charge for this.

10.3 Be careful when using the equipment in dusty or sandy environments. You must provide a rain cover to protect the camera and lenses. For example, a typical camera cleaning to remove dust/dirt from switches or sliding doors costs approximately $1,280. A lens cleaning can cost as much as $1,200 if sand, dirt or debris gets into the barrel and sounds rough or scratchy when focusing. This requires a complete dismantling of the lens to clean.

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