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Petrol Deca Heavy Duty Bag Harness

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This harness allows for quick boom operation of the SD 442 slung in the Petro Bag and any attached recorders.  When used in combination with the Petro Bag, SD 442, cables and a shoulder mounted DSMC with the O’Connor O’box mounted Schoeps microphone your a one man show!

Recomended: Petro Bag

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The Petrol PS605 Deca Heavy Duty Harness (Black) designed to comfortably carry audio bags with a mixer and accessories weighing up to 88 lbs (40kg). The ergonomic “vest-style” design harness attaches to both the mixer and the bag.

  • It is made from 1000 denier Cordura nylon;
  • The harness is fully padded to reduce strain on the shoulders and the lumbar region;
  • There is a quick-release mechanism that ensures fast attachment and removal of the mixer;
  • It has an expandable snap-on pouch used to house transmitters or wireless receivers; and
  • There is a special boom pole pocket attached to harness.

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