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Mole Richardson Ten Thousand Watt Tungsten Fresnel 14″ Molequartz Baby Tener Solarspot (100a Bates)

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This monster light draws 83.3 amps and requires 100a Bates cabling.  It is possible to power the light with a generator. It requires a 120v 100a Lunch Box Distro and Bates cabling.  The new circular channel construction for added strength and more efficient airflow, results in cooler operation and a brighter light. This fixture comes with a Ushio DTY Lamp (10,000W / 120V) tungsten halogen bulb which will throw a full flood beam of 420 foot candles 20 feet in diameter or 3200 foot candles 3.3 feet in diameter from 20 feet away. For that film look, the Tungsten Spectral Sensitivity Curve has more information than a daylight source and results in a sharper, richer and cleaner image because blues are easily raised.

Includes: Ushio DTY 10K bulb & Barn Doors

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Designed for Quartz Tungsten-Halogen globes. More compact and lightweight aluminum housing with high performance. 14″ Fresnel condenser mounted in front opening door.  Accessories fit in wide diffuser clips on front door with no light obstruction. Crank handle on rear for focusing. Molecool® locking knob on yoke. Equipped with safety screen.


Head: Type 4181, 10,000 watts
Rating: 120/240 volts, A.C. or D.C., 83.3 amps max.—10,000 watts max.
Switch: 100 amp, 125 volt heavy duty, quick-make, quick-break. Mounted in trough.
Focusing: Hand crank at rear
Cable: Attached 3 ft., 100 amp Bates
Construction: Aluminum with interlocking channels and perforated steel trough.
Yoke: Cast aluminum with removable 1 1/8″ dia. steel yoke pin.
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum and Maroon Powder Coat Enamel.
Size: 16″ x 14″ x 17 1/4″.
Head Weight:  52 1/2 lbs. (w/cable).
Condenser: 14″ dia. curved Fresnel lens. 15° to 63° field angle.
Reflector: Alzak aluminum.
Socket: G38, Mogul Bipost. Spring loaded contacts.


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Weight 52.5 lbs
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