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Genustech Bravo Follow Focus MK3 with 0.8 Pitch Gear, Flexible Lens Gear & 21″ Whip

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The Bravo Follow Focus MK3 with 0.8 Pitch Gear and Flexible Lens Gear from Genustech features a gear box mechanism that is designed to be backlash-free, and the meshing can be adjusted in the event backlash does occur. It includes an interchangeable 0.8 pitch gear which works directly with many cinema lenses, and there is a flexible lens gear ring that adjusts to fit most diameter photo lenses.

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The Bravo Follow Focus will attach to 15mm rods with LWS-spacing (60cm center-to-center) and is held in place with a quick-release bracket to help save you time removing it, especially when changing lenses frequently.

The Genustech Follow Focus Whip features an Arri-style connector that is compatible with standard follow focus units, including the Genustech Bravo Deluxe and Superior Follow Focus units. A whip allows the focus puller to operate the follow focus from a comfortable distance.

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